Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Monday, June 18, 2018

Sixcircles - New Belief

Neo Psychedelia. Laid back folk and psched out garage rock revival poppy sheen.

Abysmal Grief - Blasphema Secta

Blackened Alfred Hitchcock soundtrack horror like Ghost but a lot beefier. For some reason I was expecting some kinda of complex progressive Death Doom, but this turned out to much more light weight and verging on being silly.

Thirst Planet - The Essence

Exceptional Stoner Metal from Israel .

Fernando - Fernando

Relatively straight forward hard stoner rockin'. In the neighborhood of Red Fang. Fernando is from Portugal. Once in a while they remind me of Big Business.

Best of 2018

I'm just throwing this together, it's a work in progress. It will maybe be refined at some point. No order. If I made a list of what I thought was "The Best" releases from 2018, it would be a different list than this one. These are my personal favorites.

  • Electric Monolith - Resurrect The Dead
  • Klandestin - Green Acid of the Last Century
  • Mountain Dust - Seven Storms
  • Pressor - Weird Things 
  • Sixes - Methistopheles
  • Wykan - Solace
  • Wytchgoat - Kult of the Wytchgoat
  • Blackwater Holylight - Blackwater Holylight 
  • Messa - Feast For Water
  • Eagle Twin - The Thundering Heard
  • Hashteroid - Hashteroid 
  • Sunnata -  Outlands
  • Black Wizard - Livin' Oblivion
  • Weedpecker - III
  • River Cult - Halcyon Days
  • Fungus Hill - Cosmic Construction on Proxima B
  • Grajo - Slowgod II
  • Absent - Towards The Void
  • Clamfight - III
  • Hound The Wolves - Camera Obscura
  • Weird Tales - The Fall
  • Crypt Trip - Rootstock
  • Wolftooth - Wolftooth
  • Orphans of Doom - Strange Worlds / Fierce Gods
  • Pyraweed - Green Jinn

Pyraweed - Green Jinn

Sounds like Sleep, leaning pretty heavily on the Om head bobbing side of things. These guys nail that sound. Three songs almost 40 minutes. Pyraweed is from Baku, Azerbaijan. 

Orphans of Doom - Strange Worlds / Fierce Gods

These guys straddle the fence between progressive death doom metal and post rock heaviness. Awesome musicianship with aggressive death growl vocals and long passages of instrumental bits. 

Negative Slug - Bliss of Corpse

Angry Sludge with some almost inhuman screeching vocals. From Zagreb, Croatia.

Killer Boogie - Detroit

This the singer guitar player from Black Rainbows. This is hardly any different than Black Rainbows, but is supposed to be a more stripped down/retro 70's rock.

Hazemaze - Hazemaze

Stoner rock that kinda touches on the Monster Magnet/Nebula thing but goes their own way. Sorta on the kickback side. The rest of the time there on some kinda low profile 70's heaviness trip. This is a standout 2018 release. Hazemaze is from Stockholm, Sweden.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Crypt Trip - Rootstock

Full on Retro 70's awesome rock. One of my favorite releases in 2018. Crypt Trip is from San Marcos, Texas. It like they could have been the most awesome jammin' out hard rock band at Woodstock. You know, they could have gone on right after Santana.There sound and style fits right into that era. Legit. 

BigSure - Hydronaut

Progressive psychedelic rock. Like mid era Pink Floyd. These guys do it well, they are from France.

Sinoptik - Fields on Fire

Progressive Stoner rock like mid era Pink Floyd.

Matote - Up Into The Night Sky

Psychedelic journey space rock.

Soul Thief - Fools and Angels

Total Hendrix at Fillmore East New Years Eve style jam out.From Buckinghamshire, UK. Some mellow trippiness.

Taser - Social Exclusion Blues


The Great Machine - Respect

Great stoner metal from Tel Aviv, Isreal.

The Ugly Kings - Darkness Is My Home

Hark rock Nothing too crazy. Blues rock. Polished. Melbourne, Australia.

Tiger Nest - Camus

Somber slow metal with a guy yelling. Long songs sort of reminiscent of Black metal, but not really at all. I was having a hard time putting my finger on what kind of music this is when I saw that their Bandcamp page says they are "Exploratory Metal". Yeah, that works for me. Post metal.

Weird Tales - The Fall

This is some pretty tasty traditional doom. These guys are from Warsaw, Poland.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Wolftooth - Wolftooth

Maybe it's just the vocals, but this really reminds me of The Sword. I'm only familiar with the first Sword album and haven't heard it in years...also The Sword reminded me of High On Fire back then. This does not. This is really polished really good song writing.

Dopethrone - Transcanadian Anger

Well now, these guys sound a lot like Bongzilla don't they?

Friday, June 15, 2018

Loudness - Law of the Devil's Land

This album is up there with the very best early 80's Metal bands. Shredding guitar playing. 

King Buffalo - Repeater

Very much on the psychedelic tip. Reminds me of Dead Meadow ish type thing. Pretty mellow. King Buffalo is from New York. There's lots of praise from reviews on their Bandcamp page. It says things like "...ALMOST RELIGIOUS JOURNEY" and "PHENOMENAL".

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hound The Wolves - Camera Obscura

These guys get mentioned in the same breath as Earth and Neurosis. Long journeys from out of the Pacific Northwest. 

Clamfight - III

Epic stoner rocking heavy style. One of the best of 2018. These guys are from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These guys rock out real, real good. I've heard them described as Post-Sludge.

Absent - Towards The Void

Four long songs. They take their time. Psychedelic Doom. Absent is a three piece from Brazil. Really good stuff. Listening to this is an investment. It's not as extreme a journey as Bell Which, but not quite as rockin' as Conan or Monolord. Either way this is an epic journey that touches lightly on post rock and black metal too.

Flying Hair - Night Fight

Psyche Garage rock like Thee Oh Sees, or Ty Segal. There's a little bit of a scary undertone going on here. These guys are from Los Angeles.

Grajo - Slowgod II

Psychedelic Doom with good heavy tones and a good singer that meshes well. I think this album gets better as it progresses through its songs. I've seen these guys at least once be compared to Windhand. I wouldn't have come up with that, but they're in the same ballpark. Grajo is from Spain.

Fungus Hill - Cosmic Construction on Proxima B

Progressive psychedelic 70's style rockin with some good vocals too. Really good stuff.  This band is from Sweeden.

Ape Cave - Language of the Earth

Attention deficit metal. Lots of chugging and then they go into progressive metal parts. The singers vocals flop all around like Mike Patton death growls to smooth emotional singing. This is pretty long, and I think I would have to listen to it a lot more time to figure out if I like it or hate it. Right now I'm leaning towards liking it.

Kevlar - Kevlar

Catchy pop rock with big fuzz. These guys are from Southern California. Along the lines of who's that one guy?...Ty Segall.

Chivo - Waiting For So Long

Straight forward Stoner Rock. For fans of Kyuss.

Borgonaut - Borgonaut

Big stoner doom. If you like Sleep and Black Sabbath, you're gonna love this. These guys are from Italy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Granule - Demo #2

Reminds me of 90's power violence, like GASP! Total boombox recording. Distortion is king. These guys are from Japan. I'm hearing some Corrupted influence in there too.

Deathbell - With The Beyond

Big big riffs good vocals sometimes some keyboards. Good songwriting, a favorite 2018 release for me. This band is from France and gets compared to Windhand. Windhand reminds me of Acid King, but with a second guitar player. These guys are big Doom crush riffs.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Suicide Cult - Suicide Cult

Some good old fashion Electric Wizard worship. These guys are from Austin, Texas.

Portal - Ion

Avant Garde Horror (and I mean horror as in, full on nightmare) Death Metal. Complex craziness. Suffocating. Portal is from Australia.

ILSA - Corpse Fortress

Sludge. These guys can go really fast and really, really slow and not matter how you slice it...Sludge. ILSA is from Washington D.C. 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Druid Lord - Grotesque Offerings

Horror Death Doom like Acid Witch.

Visigoth - Conqueror's Oath

Retro triumphant metal.

The Swamp - The Swamp

The singer sounds like Phil Anselmo and the music pretty much goes along with that.

Friday, June 8, 2018

River Cult - Halcyon Days

Heavy psyche rock out. Really tasty. For fans of Earthless, but this feels a bit more grounded sometimes, but loose. These guys are from Brooklyn, New York.

Weedpecker - III

Progressive rock from Warszawa, Poland. Lush psychedelic mellowness that also rocks, but this isn't aggressive and these guys are amazing. 

Child - I

Heavy blues, like Robin Trower with Stevie Ray Vaughn singing or something. Heavy like the 70's heavy.

Black Wizard - Livin' Oblivion

Really good rockin' in the NWOBHM style. Really, really good.

Gozu - Equilibrium

Melodic vocals of chugging stoner metal. Good song writing. They also get atmospheric and grungy. I bet fans of Red Fang/Mastadon would dig this.

Wolvhammer - The Monuments of Ash & Bone

Crisp sharp angry Black Metal hardcore from Olympia, Washington.