Thursday, April 17, 2014

Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time

I guess when you make five great albums in a row it's tough to live up to, but this album rocks like crazy!

Kiss - Creatures Of The Night

The last Kiss make up album. Huge production. Possibly the biggest sounding metal album of the early 80's.
     Paul gives some inspired vocal performances on this record.
     Huge, huge drum sounds.
     Kiss craziness here with the album cover featuring Ace Frehley who doesn't even play on the album. They say Vinnie Vincent probably play guitar on 70% of the album. Later in 1985 when the album was re issued Bruce Kulick is on the cover with the band, but he didn't play on the album either! No less than seven guitar players participated during the recording of the album although they all may not have made the final cut for the album.
     Eric Carr plays bass on I Still Love You?! Plus a couple other guys play bass on here, other than Gene.
     Several co-writers were involved. It took an army of people behind the scenes both credited and un-credited but this undoubtedly is the heaviest Kiss record.
     Overall this album just has a heavy plodding sound/feel.

Kiss - Kiss

The second best Kiss studio album.

There's 10 songs on here. Six of them are all time rock classics. Two of them are good enough, but work well enough with the rest of the album. Kissin Time is a stinker, that the record company had them do, and Love Theme From Kiss is for sure filler that should have never been included. It's the kind of thing that turns up as a bonus track when albums are re released 30 years later, and then you say to yourself, "Oh, I see why that didn't make the album.".

Kiss - Hotter Than Hell

The best Kiss studio album.

Saxon - The Power And The Glory

If Iron Maiden had a more of a Kiss AC/DC mentality.