Monday, August 9, 2010

In This Moment - A Star Crossed Wasteland

There's a song (Welcome To The Gunshow) on the Metal station on XM Radio from these guys. I thought it stood out from the mostly garbage that they (the metal station) play. It grooves better and the dude singing for some reason I pictured as some skinny guy in tapered pants and an Emo haircut, has SOME kind of a screetchy screaming going on throughout the song. I wondered how he was gonna keep that up after a few months of touring let alone a few years. Well, it wasn't till I did some checking in on the internet that I discovered it was a dude at all, but a chick. First song on the album (this is actually the 10th song, the tape my friend made me is out of order) is a ballad that obviously has a girl singing. Second song is the single. I also read on the internet that the kind of music these guys play is called Metalcore. Which is what the rest of the songs sound like. Metalcore with a female singer. There are SO SO SO many Metalcore bands out there that sound exactly the same and follow the exact same formulas that it's like Reggea. The very best band doesn't sound much different than the worst. It reminds me of a joke I wrote for my standup act. What's the difference between Pizza and dogshit?..............Even the last piece is good!

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