Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jake E. Lee - Retraced

A bunch of covers of classic bands and it's not their hits. (Well, maybe a couple hits. Rock Candy...). Tim Bogert and Ansley Dunbar are the rhythm section with a singer and of course Jake E. Lee playing a bunch a guitar. It all seems to stay very true to the originals. You could put this on with your Sucking The 70's comps... The Small Stone comps with the 70's tunes. Well, this would go well with those. This unfortunately doesn't have the aggressiveness or heaviness of some of those covers. This is more about Jake E. Lee shreding some of the songs he grew up with and not trying to make them his own. Comes across as a project some guys did for fun. They Cover: Procol Harum, Cactus' arrangement of Howlin' Wolf, Free, Johnny Winter, Grand Funk Railroad, James Gang, Montrose and a few others. This is a fun record. Nothing great. Sounds more like a bar band than arena rock. A would much rather listen to this than most albums "guitar players" putout.

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