Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pharaoh Overlord - Out Of Darkness

High energy Ted Nugent riffs and Danzig like vocals on the first song. Thankfully they abandon that. The next song falls into repetition, Devastator sounds like the record is stuck for way too long...just annoying really. Then the rest of the album rocks real well. Cool NWOBHM influences. Heaviness. They mix things up to keep it from getting stale. Cool record. Did I mention NWOBHM? I haven't heard too many 2011 releases this year, but this is one of the better ones.

-I thought this guy was singing in different styles on different songs, but I just found out that they have four different guys doing the vocals.

-Maiden at their gallopingnest, Scorps at their sleaziest, Accept at their speediest. This album kicks ass. Late 70's early 80's Metal.

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