Thursday, November 3, 2011

Megadeth - Thirteen

If somebody asked me if I liked Megadeth I would say, "No, not really". I liked Peace Sells when it came out. Quite a bit actually, but over the years with all their MTV stuff and whatever, I was never really into them. Too much technicality and not enough groove beat down. I could never get into Rust In Peace and that's suppose to be one of the greatest Thrash albums ever. Like I said too much technical wanking, not enough groove.
So I wasn't expecting much from this new one at all. Guess what? It's pretty damn good. I think it just comes down to having good songs and not a bunch of wanking. There are some fiery multi note solos here and there, but they belong and don't detract. I wouldn't even call this album Thrash. I'll call it Metal, with the occasional Thrash influence. This has been in regular rotation in the car. There's some political stuff in the lyrics, but it's not exactly thought provoking. It's just there. I think the first couple songs are the weakest on the album and they're not bad at all. Digin' this record.

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