Monday, November 5, 2012

Kiss - Monster

Kiss albums always have strong openers. Songs that grab you right away on the first listen. You're, "Wow, this is pretty good". What happens with repeated listens, and with not that many repeats, you never want to hear that song again.
     This feels like the most honest Kiss album in ages. Each song go's back and forth with Paul and Gene trade off vocals. Production is pretty fancy, where on the last album Pauls voice was sounding pretty tired. He sounds fine here. Genes vocals are his best in years and years. This album really emphasizes the strengths of their voices and somehow manage to push their weaknesses aside. I can't imagine they could ever sound this good live. I like the guitar solos too. This sounds more like amped up 80's Kiss with fancy modern day production than any of the 70's classic Kiss.
    By the time you get to the seventh song or so..."Uh, it's still going"? That's where it gets a little Gene heavy with the dumb lyrics and all. Tenth song or so Tommy gets to sing about riding midnight rockets and space. Trying but not quite capturing the essence of an Ace Frehley song that is overridden with modern day Kiss type choruses. After that the Drummer sings a song about Rock and Roll and totally nails the Peter Criss type song that you wish wasn't on the album. 
  The album ends with a song where Paul and Gene trade off vocals. Maybe the strongest song on the album, but by the time you get here...just too tired of this. Next time, I'm gonna start with the last song skip the first song and end with the Peter Criss type thud.
This album is better than Sonic Boom.

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