Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Litter - $100 Fine

First song is pretty heavy then most of the rest is a bit more poppy like the Beatles. Next thing you know it gets heavy like Blue Cheer. Trippy stuff and Blues too. Really good 60's rockin' with a faint Monkees feel to a lot of the songs.

-Mostly grimey psychedelic rock, but they touch on the poppy side of things. Like Blue Cheer with pop tendancies. Psychedelic Rock! Little bit of Blues too. The Album ends with a thud.

Fun Facts: The original album has 10 songs. There is a re-issue that has an additional 18 songs from demos that were recorded between 1965-1968. Those songs sound more garage rock with a British envasion influence. This bandreally evolved. The proper album is solid, but they were even better at being a garage-pop band.

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