Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Animals - All About The Animals (Japanese Release)

This is a Japanese only release. A greatest hits type thing I guess. Sounds like early Rolling Stones, but The Animals do a more convincing job on the R&B stuff. A lot of the songs are keyboard driven and it all sounds pretty groovy and not distracting. The Animals are really good at this early blues thing all the English bands were doing, but when the shift went to writing your own songs I guess they got left behind.
Eric Burdon is a good singer and there are some stellar songs like, House of the Rising Sun, Don't let me be Misunderstood and We Gotta Get Out of this Place. I think the keyboard player was the main writer for the band. He left after this and the Animals were left floating like a turn in a bowl.
It's My Life is probably my favorite song on here. Awesome. The blues covers drag this down. Chuck Berry? I'm sure it was all very exciting at the time.

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