Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vanilla Fudge - Vanilla Fudge

Swirling fluttering keyboards. Cover songs that they drag out. Screaming and church choir harmonies. There's a heaviness without actually being heavy. Bombastic hippiness. These guys must be on drugs 'cuz they're really draggin' this out. Vanilla Fudge was really ahead of the curve with this one. It's excessive stadium rock that would come a few years later, but they're still grounded with the hippie vocals you might expect in '67.
They're really hitting their stride when the get to You Keep Me Hanging On/Take Me For A Little While midway through the album. Sounds like Grand Funk Railroad at their best a couple years before Grand Funk Railroad was even on the scene. The album flows real well and has a certain psychedeliness to it that's both good and bad. I usually don't have the patience for this album, but I really dig that middle section. This should be the soundtrack to Hair the Musical. Dirty hippies.

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