Monday, January 2, 2017

Gozu - Revival

 Beefed up traditional rock structures. Reminding me of the chaotic rockin' side of Soundgarden. This has made a lot of peoples best of the year list, I'm not sure I'd go there. Those same people mention Clutch when referring to this. This album probably is among the best at what they do, something rubs me personally a little bit wrong. With the style of music they're touching on here. I mean the sub genre within the genre...a posturing kinda tough guy element, and I don't mean Gozu personally. I'm sure those guys are a bunch of pussy cats. I talkin' about the stripped down kinda bar rock with lots of balls. Gozu go beyond that though they get on with the trippy extended parts while the rhythm section pounds you ever the head. There's solos galore and stuff too.

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