Monday, January 2, 2017

Mars Red Sky - Apex III

When I play this record it sounds like the bottom end is destroying my speakers. The kick drum seems to be ripping the cone apart from the coil. Which is funny because the vocals have a pretty mellow vibe to them. When that guy is singing it's pretty disarming. and that's the whole trick here. The duality. Not that there's any tricks involved her, and that wouldn't be the only one, because there's a lot of awesome things going on here from this three piece. This is a great album one of my very favorites released this year. If I had to pick an album of the year this is for sure in the top two or three, perhaps even the best. I'm talking about sheer enjoyment I've received. The amount of time I've spent listening to this. Mostly I've listened to this in the car. When I play the record at home it sounds like my speakers are being eaten alive by a garbage truck from the inside out.
     Total eerie outer space trippy heavy psychedelic moon base battle magic. My poor speakers. The songs can switch from a carnival-esq playfulness to crushing marches to the trippiest outer space sci fi adventure, and back again. Seamlessly. There is a smoothness here. A really soothing smoothness the blends right in with some of the heaviest grooves you could ask for.

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