Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yardbirds - Roger The Engineer

Anybody who wonders why The Yardbirds never achieved superstardom even though they had Clapton, Beck, Page, Nugent and Van Halen all pass through their ranks, needs to look no further than their singer. The band is already outgrowing his poor Mick Jagger imitation by this release. Still, this is really good stuff. Catchy pop songs (well, they're not that catchy. This isn't the Beatles were dealing with here) with guitar really breaking lose every once in a while. All original tunes here. Jeff Beck playing better than anything I've ever heard him do. Bluesy British invasion type pop. Harmonica too.
Not totally outgrowing their R and B roots, or not really advancing and growing. Little bit though.
Sounds more like early Rolling Stones than anything else.

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