Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aerosmith - Live Bootleg

Like most all live albums it's pretty much a greatest hits deal with a couple oddities tossed in. The good thing about this album is it came out in 1978 so it's not bogged down with a bunch of crap. Aerosmith probably has six or seven greatest hits albums at this point and I would rather listen to this than any of those. This sounds more "live" than most live albums from this know Kiss Alive 2 or Double Live Gonzo. There's some feedback here and there and a couple grand finale type things. I'd stick to the proper albums, but if your in a greatest hits mood this should satisfy that urge.Good not great. The strength is this was Aerosmith at the top of their game. Mostly recorded 77/78. The weakness is that this is them at their most wasted so the live shows maybe were not always the best...It's a real good bunch of songs. It's not overproduced and super cleaned up with a bunch of overdubbs, which is pretty cool, but probably the reason I don't pull this one out too often. Best in small doses.

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