Friday, December 10, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne - Scream

Less than 30 seconds into the album the pinch harmonics start. A trademark on Ozzy records since...forever, no matter who the guitar player is (Did it start with Zack Wylde? I don't know I was over Ozzy by the time that guy was in the band). Ozzy singing through a machine. Half way through the first song I'm bored. Cool solo break, then back to Ozzys boring "singing". Second song has a sing along/anthem chours. I hate that shit. Boring formula rock. Third songs' a slow chunker. First song that doesn't suck.#4 Power ballad or whatever. Skip it.#5 Starts with acoustic guitar like something from Diary then gets real heavy. Unfortunately then it gets mechanical. Goes back to being heavy and here come the pinch harmonics. Then you have to listen to Ozzy sing for a while. There's a cool riff in there though and the solo is pretty cool. Nice guitar playing on this album.#6 Filler.#7 Filler. Chant along anthem chours. I hate that shit. #8 Slow song that builds. #9 Chugga lug riffing with a commercial sounding chours. Some classic Ozzy sounds show up in this song.#10 Filler.#11 Kinda touching on old Ozzy it's only a minute long, so Ozzy can say, "We have to stick together, I love you all".
I haven't really checed out any Ozzy records since the 80's. The Ultimate Sin is the last one I owned. I've heard enough here and there over the years to know I didn't want to explore further. I'm under the impression that No More Tears is his best one since the first two. I'll have to track that one down.
Ozzy has been in a tough position for a lot of years. He has to please a really wide variety of a fan base and he's got to keep it commercial and sell a ton of records. Trying to keep everybody happy just waters everything down. This album is Metal though I'll give it that. With a few quieter parts to sell some more records.

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