Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Joe Perry Project - Let The Music Do The Talking

I broke this record out after a LONG time and it smokes! Lots of stuff going on and almost alway keeps it interesting. The times it's not busy it seems like the singer ends up in the forefront and you notice that he's annoying, but then they change it up and it gets interesting again. This is grimey stuff like Draw The Line,Combination, Train Kept A Rollin type vibe. It gets a bit funky sometimes. Perry sings a couple songs which are my favoriutes cuz they have some drugged up downer type riffs. Sometimes this reminds me of Ace Frehley. There's an instrumental that might as well be a Hendrix cover. Lots of guitar rockin on this album and it all sounds like it's in the gutter.

-This record smokes! Lots of guitar rockin'. Little bit of bluesy funkyness. Little bit of wastedness.

-The Songs Joe Perry sings are the good ones. If he sang all the songs this would be right up here with Ace Frehleys solo album as far as wasted 70's rockin' goes.

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