Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Accept - Balls to the Wall

I love this record. You have to be careful though because this record is one that I grew up with. There's a golden rule somewhere that says, "Just because you liked it in high school doesn't mean it's good". For a while there I wondered if this fell into that category. So it fell into guilty pleasure area land. This is one of those soundtracks of your live records for me. I banged my head to this record. I lived this record. I believed in this record. I remember thinking it reminded me of AC/DC but I don't really hear that anymore. It's more metal. Closer to Judas Priests' Point of Entry or so (Krokus). The follow up to this "Metal Heart" is a turd and was a huge disappointment.

Where To Start: Here, then maybe "Restless and Wild".

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