Thursday, November 19, 2009

Led Zepplelin - BBC Sessions

Once you've listen to all your other Zeppelin records for the one millionth time. You can throw this on and rediscover them all over again.
Disc 1: The first disc is really raw bluesy rock. These recordings sound great, very live sounding. Very real.

I would much rather listen to this than some of their later albums like Presence or In Through The Outdoor. This is so much better than their live double album The Song Remains the Same (recorded in 1973). That was an overbloated turd from a different era of Zeppelin. Disc one of The BBC Sessions sound like four guys in a room rockin' the fuck out. On disc two the band starts to expand a bit. Not quite as excessive as Song Remains The Same. Disc 2 Falls inbetween the two.

Disc 1 is compiled from four different 1969 BBC sessions. Disc 2 is most of the April 1 1971 concert from the Paris Theatre in London.

Disc 2:

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