Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cheap Trick - The Latest

Drum beats and guitar melodies and of course Robin Zanders' voice reminding you of earlier, better Cheap Trick songs. A couple of rockers with the rest being ballads and slow songs. Sounding more like Imagine than Cold Turkey this time around. And a Pepsi commercial. "California Girl" has that sorta garagey/surfy/Go-Go feel much like the first "single" Sick Man of Europe. Sick Man of Europe has a some pretty awesome lead fuzz bass going on. Too bad that's not found anywhere else on the album. I'm a big Cheap Trick fan, I've only listened to this once, but I prefer this to Rockford which was an acceptable album. This is not all mega and sparkly produced which is a quality I like about it (it doesn't sound sterile). They have some string arrangments on a couple songs, which reminds me that they've done shows where the cover the complete Sgt. Peppers album. You can hear that Dream Police keyboard back there once and a while. Last song sounds a lot like Y-O-Y-O-Y from Next Position Please. After further review I say the last song called smile sounds like it could be The Flame pt. 2. This album seems short. I like it. There's A really good diverse bunch songs on here and you'll be reminded that The Beatles and especially John Lennon are and always have been a big influence on Cheap Trick.

Fun Facts: This was available on 8-track.

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