Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Who - Live At Leeds (Deluxe Edition)

In 1969 I can't imagine anybody except for Hedrix that could equal the Pure Rock Out found on this album.
In between song banter!
A lot of variety. From the early pop songs to the extended rock blues cover rock jams to the mini rock opera "A Quick One". Not to mention "Tommy". I've usually listen to the first disk and by the time it's over I don't have any interest in listening to Tommy. I never have to tell you the truth. I started to a couple times. Extensive story telling in the songs. I can see why it was originally released in it's condensed version. There was just too much going on for the mere mortal rock listener of 1970. These is the stuff to make heads explode. Especially the delicate minds of the acid damaged drug casualties of the 60's. The crowd sure got their moneys worth on this night.
The rock factor energy of power to rock is so much more over the top compared to any studio release before this.
It's such a good time to hear the Who. Before any of the Who's Next era Synthesizer rock. The Peak! Right here.

One big rockin' machine. Amazing band. Everybody comes out guns blazin'. Some people prefer AC/DC or Metallica. The Who presents a bit more of a challenge and they're not always mean and aggro. They have a sense of humor and sometimes people don't like that mixed with their rock. Luckily there is some of the most aggressive guitar playing you'll ever hear coming from Pete Towshend. Keith Moon is just nuts. My favorite drummer ever.
There is a second disk where they play Tommy.

Fun Facts: This was originally released as a six song 30 minute record. A has for years been consider one of the greatest live rock albums ever recorded.


  1. I've heard the sound quality on the deluxe edition is crap compared to the 1995 CD. What do you make of that?

  2. I read that also. I don't remember the explanation...something like whoever Re-mastered it over compressed it so everything could be loud, but it sounds flat ...or over compressed.
    I don't know for sure.
    I don't listen to the 2nd CD of Tommy anyway. I wonder if the same number of songs are on the '95 edition. I read there is also a bootleg that's pretty good and has even more than this deluxe edition.

  3. I read also the '95 release has a few additional vocal overdubs, and this Deluxe Edition has ever more. I think I would have to listen side by side...or be listening for that.

  4. "It seems that too much noise reduction has been used and the tracks have an almost sterile sound (The 1995 release of Live at Leeds has better sound quality than Deluxe Edition)."

    Yeah, I've heard that before on other live albums. There's a Ted Nugent one out there that comes to mind.

  5. I also read that the Tommy songs don't sound anywhere as good as CD1.