Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Metallica - Death Magnetic

As an album I think it's tedious.

It sounds like riffs and parts just stacked on each other and it seems to go on forever.

It probably would have made a nice EP or 3 song maxi single.

The songs don't sound like songs. They don't go anywhere or tell a story. Like Master of Puppets or the songs from the first 2 albums.

I can hardly take these guys seriously after seeing Some Kind of Monster.

They should have gone back to their old NWOBHM albums and stole some of those riffs that the didn't use on the first record.

The albums isn't bad in small doses. I'll give it a 7 or so.

If this wasn't a Metallica record I doubt I would like it as much, or maybe think it's a little better than it is because of the familiarity factor.
Like old friends.

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