Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kiss - Psycho Circus

As far as Kiss songs go, the album opener Psycho Circus is cool enough. I kinda like it. Little bit long winded though. The next song seems pretty cool, then Gene Simmons starts singing. I think within the framework of Kiss and what their trying to do. This one works for them. Production is big and fancy. The first studio album after the much anticipated return of Ace and Peter. Turns out Kiss couldn't bring the magic back. I guess fans of Kiss who like anything they've done since Lick It Up should like this. It gets pretty bad. Kiss giving the people what they think they want. This album is pretty sappy. This might be the best album since Lick It Up. I can't think of any in particular right now, but this has got to be better than Crazy Nights. Should have been called the Melodramatic Circus. This album is downright condescending.

Fun Facts: Turns out Peter Criss only played on one song here. Ace only played on two or three. I guess that's the biggest return to old Kiss. Different guys photos on the cover than the guys who actually made the music. Peter Criss only plays on one song on Dynasty and I don't know if Ace plays any on Creatures Of The Night, but you sure wouldn't know from examining at the artwork of those albums. Some session player on drums. Wikipedia claims that Tommy Thayer plays guitar. That's a little bit too convenient to me. I know he was a guitar tech back then and maybe tour manager? I'm sure in a few years when he falls out of favor with Gene and Paul the truth will come out about who really played guitar, or at least the next truth.
Ace and Peter were not full members of the band. They were employees who had signed five-year contracts in 1996.

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