Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kiss - Carnival Of Souls : The Final Sessions

Holy Soundgarden!
Just on the strength of the first two songs this is one of Kiss' top ten releases.
Holy Soundgarden!
Sped up War Machine basketball game.
Gene Simmons is no Layne Staley.
Kiss journeys to the land of Evermore. Who be you strange traveler?
Starman make better Staley.
In My Hand = The Suck.
Demon and Starman combine to make Kiss Staley Man song.
Seduction of the Innocence = the suck even worse.
Things start getting pretty weak towards the end thanks mostly to Simmons. Took a turn for the odd really.
Losing steam.
The songs get progressively worse as the album progresses. By the time they get to the end they've hit...wait for it...Rock Bottom!
The first time I heard this was in 2009. What a document! Grungetastic!

This was Kiss at the crossroads. After this they decided to take Beach Boys Blvd.

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  1. I've never been a big fan of Kulick-era KISS. They're good, but nothing like the Ace sound, or the Vinnie sound, or even the Mark St. John sound. And now, the Tommy sound, which is the Ace sound redux.